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Lose Weight

  • This is not a diet plan

  • Only 4 - 6 sessions

  • Your subconscious mind will work for you

  • Improve health and fitness


Using Clinical Hypnosis as a tool to help you tap into your own inner resolve to loose weight by using your powerful subconscious mind to work in accordance with your consciousness.

Slim Via Hypnosis has evolved over 18 years of combined work and results from TranceFormers Practitioner Training Organisation.

I have not devised a diet plan for you, you do not have to fear the thoughts of being hungry, this process is for you and your body to work in harmony with your mind, as your mind is a marvellous powerful tool that will make a difference in the choices you make..

I am offering you a weight loss strategy that has been designed to be a step by step working model, with full comprehensive and up to date easy to use information, that is given to you in a variety of mediums to empower you on your journey, with the support of a professional.

There is no longer the need to feel guilt for hiding your eating habits, as listening to your body’s real appetite voice, and making friends with it, will stimulate you to have a very healthy and happy satisfying relationship with food, and enjoy a good healthy life style.

I will help you to look at emotional binge eating, and the beliefs behind it with a fun to-do survey that will assist you to see a different perspective, and aid you the freedom to change your outlook for the better.

Before we start working on your weight loss, it is important that you have informed your GP, so we can rule out any medical or mental health issues that can be instrumental in weight gain or difficulty in weight loss.

This course is 4 - 6 sessions, each one lasting around 60 to 90 minutes per week for the first 3 weeks, then the final session (or sessions, depending on you) 2 weeks later .

The first session you will be weighed so that we both have a clear starting point, as no matter what your initial weight is; ‘You have to start somewhere’.

At each session you will receive Client Hand-outs with relevant information to assist you, The Client Magazine, and an audio recording of the weeks Hypnosis session to keep you focused on your path to your own success.

On your first session we will complete a ‘Client Information Form’ so we can discover your goals and tailor the sessions specifically to you..

£500.00 total for 4 - 6 tailored to you sessions 

What are you waiting for?  Contact me for a free consultation to arrange your starting point which will be your first appointment

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