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 Counselling    £60 per session



It can be verbal, physical or psychological abuse that is unacceptable, it can build up without realising. Abuse can be either to you or by you. The cycle can be successfully broken with strategic counselling.



Many factors can lead to feelings of Anxiety which can be difficult to realise.  In some people the feelings can become uncontrollable and detrimental to living their lives to the fullest.  A successful management plan will improve most aspects of your life.



The feelings, thoughts or images of death may have become difficult to handle in some people. Bereavement touches us all at different times and different ways in our lives, with professional support and understanding you will be able to  move forward.


Grief and Loss 

We may all experience the void that is felt when something that is part of our environment ceases or disappears. For some it may be disorientating and very upsetting and can lead to very negative emotions and thoughts.  Expressing your feelings fully will help you move on with life.


Life Coaching 

Coaching is a positive form of mental development to achieve a specific personal or professional goal with consulting advice, counselling, mentoring and administering therapy to assist with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions.



The loss of a pregnancy will be upsetting and may result in negative thoughts and feelings, some may be overwhelming and resulting in not being able to move forwards with the void it has created.  By communicating with an understanding professional you can heal.



Post- traumatic stress disorder is caused by a traumatic experience.  Symptoms include flashbacks to the event and some more severe ones may even induce physical manifestations such as sweating, shaking, and crying out. Reprocessing the thoughts of the events can manage and eliminate the symptoms


Pregnancy and Birth 

Reproduction is a wonderful natural living process. Assistance can be provided with an effective method of pain management that can be used during labour.  Pain in labour can be controlled by learning the right techniques.



We are all involved in relationships of one kind or another, it is a connection to someone, either personal, family, social or work.  Sometimes these relationships may cause negative actions, thoughts or feelings that are detrimental to our lives. Get to know what works for you.


Sexual Problems 

Sex is part of everyone’s lives from past to present.  The adult enjoyment of sex with another consenting partner is pleasurable to most.  Sometimes this union may not be enjoyable or possible.  The emotional issues are successfully treatable.



We may all find ourselves feeling stress at some point in our lives - it’s the body’s reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure.  If the stress is prolonged it can cause other physical  symptoms, which can be in themselves stressful. Successful professional stress management can help. 

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

 Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy   £60 per session



All of us experience anger at some point in our lives.  Some people may feel it more poignant and more often than others, and some people may vent it outwards or inwards.  Recognising the hidden negative thoughts that lie behind anger flare ups can give back full control.

Broken heart

When our love for someone is broken, it may cause upset that can feel too difficult to be healed for life to move on. Letting go with understanding and acceptance may become easier in a relaxed state and situation with a professional.


Not having confidence in certain situations or with certain people may hinder full enjoyment of life in some. Guidance with techniques will boost feelings and beliefs, so projection forwards can become straight forward and easier.


Eating Disorders

This is something that is a symptom, its shows that something is out of tune in your body, thoughts or emotions, something that is bringing up concerns and manifesting into the disorder.  Locating the source and reprocessing the thoughts can manage and eliminate the symptoms.



This is something that is used to describe a lot of symptoms, it may mean that something is out of tune in your body, thoughts that is bringing up concerns in the form of pain or anguish.  Unlocking the true origin and identifying the connections to the present day symptoms can eliminate the flare ups, enabling harmonious living.


Exam Test Nerves

Most people experience some anxiety about test and exams. Some may experience more heightened levels of nerves than others, which may affect the outcome of the results.  Controlled professional learned relaxation and focus can help with a better outcome.


Fear and Phobia 

We all experience fear at some stage in our lives, it’s a protection mechanism.  Severe form of fears and Phobia can result in restricting life, avoiding progression. Reprocessing and managing the thoughts with guided relaxation and visualisation can eliminate the symptoms.


Gender Identity

We are all born into a body that is defined by biological sexual gender.  Being identified by a specific gender may be rejected by yourself of other people and can induce negativity. Alleviating the distress and developing effective coping skills will determine the best way to shape your gender expression.



This is a routine or behaviour that is repeated at our will.  Sometimes habits occur subconsciously, and the repetition may bring negative responses and aversions.  Reprocessing the actions can manage and eliminate the symptoms.



This can be a widespread and common syndrome, particularly if you are experiencing anxiety and stress without even being aware, as IBS can be a symptom.  Effective relief from the disorder is controlled by physiological responses to a tailored for you, progressive muscle relaxation with Hypnosis.



From time to time we may all experience disrupted sleep. Continuous lack of quality sleep may leave you feeling drained with lack of concentration and irritable, and may cause other symptoms.  Clear steps to assist sleep management will help in mental well being and body relaxation can aid restful rejuvenating sleep.



We all require drive to accomplish tasks no matter the size.  Sometimes we may not have the desire to drive ourselves forwards for different reasons, either emotional, or physical.  Having a positive mentor will aid you to keep the momentum up and set new achievable goals.



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder may be used a lot to define habits.  But the disorder is being compelled to do a task, even if it is undesirable or hurtful to do, but still needing to complete it. Freedom can be obtained from the triggers that start it with a number of Hypnotic relaxation techniques.



This is a distressing feeling that alerts us to damage that has been caused and that action needs to be taken.  Sometimes it can be constant, and far more distressing than it should be for the cause.  Anxiety or stress may also trigger pain. Hypnotic focus and relaxation are one of the ways to aid relief.


Public speaking 

This could be for a one-off special event or continuous part of a new role in life and work.  Being in front of an audience in the spotlight can cause different reactions in every one.  Simple practical, formulated steps aided with Hypnosis to control the fear will make you into a confident speaker.


Quit Smoking / Vaping 

Stop the smoking habit that is harmful to your life and the lives around you, as well as your wellbeing and finances in one easy session.  Start your new life straight after!



To be laid off from work and pay is part of our society now.  Some find this loss of routine and finances difficult to adjust to and can experience constant negative thoughts and emotions.  Hypnosis tools can help with emotions and then support you to reach your potential ready to move forwards finding a new role with your skills



We all require the state of emotional and physical wellbeing to live and thrive.  The method to achieve this can be through wonderful guided hypnotic relaxation, which can boost your mood and help to relieve stress and tensions, thus boosting your immune system and pleasure.


Weight Loss 

Our bodies require a healthy amount of sustenance to function at its full potential. If there are not issues surrounding food either too much or too little then the body may not function correctly, which may result in other negative symptoms or ailments or mental well being.  Make the changes with Hypnosis to break bad eating habits, and be the person you want to be.


 Psychotherapy   £60 per session



Many people may become addicted for a wide range of reasons.  Addiction is a uncontrollable, obsessive, harmful connection or relationship to things or behaviours. Therapy can assist you to find the root cause of the problem, and break the clutches of addiction.


Child Related Issues 

As all humans mature in age and awareness, there can be things that were not understood at the time of experience due to young age.  Some of these things may be traumatic and can affect current adult life and discussions.  Professionally reprocessing the trauma as an adult in a controlled relaxed state can successfully assist with moving on with life happily.



We all go through feeling down in our lives.  Depression may be the feeling of sadness, tiredness, hopelessness or losing interest and may persist for long periods. In a supportive guided safe environment you can alleviate the triggers, and target the underlying root for depression, which the can relieve the cycle of trauma, freeing you to enjoy life.

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