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Stress Busting

  • Stop stress ruling your life

  • Relieve your brain of mental pressure

  • Focus on the important things

  • Relax to enjoy your health and life


Stress is recognisable to us all, and being under some kind of pressure is a normal part of life, but it can become overwhelming at times.

Feelings of stress are triggered by various changing things that can be out of our control in life, that put you under pressure and cause worry, even the build-up of insignificant small pressures.

Stress isn’t a psychiatric diagnosis, but it is closely connected to your mental well-being in many ways that are linked and can show itself with different signs physically and emotionally in a vicious circle such as:-

Tiredness - but hard to sleep at night,

Headaches - but your mind can't slow down,

Indigestion - but you're unable to eat correctly,

Upset stomach – but unable to go to toilet correctly

Emotional – but angry towards people

Muscle tension – but no enthusiasm for exercise

Frustrated – but no interest or unable to enjoy sex

Constant stress can cause mental health problems and make existing problems worse.  If you are struggling with managing the feelings of stress without help, then it may develop into anxiety and depression.

Even though stress may be defined and show signs differently to each of us, it is time to seek help with a professional to bust it.                                                               

£60.00 per 60 minute session 


Contact me for a free initial brief chat to arrange your stress reducing starting point appointment.

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