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Quit Smoking 

  • This programme will help you to totally quit

  • Only one 90 minute session

  • Remove cravings and save money

  • Life restoring health benefits


Using Clinical Hypnosis and Cognitive responses can help you stop smoking or vaping with far greater and simpler effect by encouraging your powerful subconscious mind to work in accordance with your consciousness.

Quit Smoking/Vaping has evolved over years of combined work and results from Terrance Watts taught extensively through Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (KICH).

There are many reasons and excuses for smoking, and we will look through them, but there are far more personal reasons for quitting.

Smoking and Vaping is harmful to your body as we all know, and everybody needs their body to live a healthy fulfilling life.

The financial costs of smoking is now very high, so quitting can make so much difference to you financially.

No need to fear thinking about cravings, as this process is to work in harmony with your subconscious mind, as your mind is a marvellous powerful tool that will make a difference in the choices you make for the better, and as it's your choice to quit the habit.

Socially now there are more and more restraints on places to smoke, and big fines can be imposed if new laws are not adhered to.  Research also directs us to the lack of social acceptance in the majority to making others smell like an old ash tray that are near to smokers. 

I am offering you a stand-alone single session, which takes about 100 minutes and has been professionally designed to help you quit whilst your ahead with your life model. I offer full comprehensive and up to date information that is given to you in a variety of mediums to empower you on your journey, with the support of a professional.

£170.00 per 90 - 100 minute set session 

What are you waiting for?  Contact me for a free initial brief chat to arrange your quitting point.

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