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Banish Phobia

  • Stop phobias dictating your life

  • Banish the cause and resolve the symptoms

  • Successful simple treatment

  • Start to live your full life


Is a phobia stopping you from doing something you wish to do?  Avoidance is NOT a cure!

A phobia is an irrational or extreme fear reaction to something, or someone, or to a situation, causing a rapid onset of anxiety  and can affect different people in different ways to various degrees. 


It is a connection with an incident and emotion, it can be a learned response from a family member or even something viewed and not understood.        Symptoms can be:-

Feeling of dread or horror

Feeling like you are choking

Feeling dizzy or faint

Racing heart beat

Chest pains and shortness of breath

Sweating or hot and cold flushes

Nausea that can precipitate vomiting and diarrhoea

These symptoms can prevent a person from functioning normally, as most phobias start in childhood and are irrational sense of danger even though in reality there is no actual threat.

Recognising and understanding the fear that is driving the phobia is a good starting point, with the aid of Hypnotherapy which works extremely well and quick, you can ‘Banish your Phobia’.


£60.00 per 60 minute session 


Contact me for a free initial brief chat to stop something dictating your life decisions.

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